Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The Rock Rules As Hercules In Theaters

Hey have you been for watching the latest flick from Dwayne the Rock Johnson who came up with his new looks for Hercules which was released a week before worldwide.At first i looked at the internet movie data base ratings and rotten tomatoes and i got disappointed with all those things which is what i prefer at first before spending my money on movies.But this time things were on another route.

As i came to know that it was interesting film from one of my friend who was hard fan of the world wrestling entertainment superstar who is now the second most payed actor in the world only next to Robert Downey Junior which itself explains every introduction background for him without any tunes or effects.Now i will talk about the movie which was in 3D technology and i loved it.

Hercules Is Rock As He Cooked It

If you just smell...yes he was cooking himself and be in shape.We had already seen a random guy playing Hercules which was too much drammatic and had no feelings like that of the greek lord who is the symbol of power and awesomeness and not a kind of chocolate look alike or a mister fitness guy who have thunder and storm alongside to lighten up.

We could notice the body which Dwayne Johnson dedicated and bulked up for this role which was really fare as it brought us to the days of Arnold Swarznegger who once was the empire of such old fictions and characters.This time Hercules had that tough and huge looks and overall it was realistic and it is those dumbos who expect special effects to amaze them like kindergarden kids who got disappointed by the movie also due to the small span.

Watchable And Recommended

Yes i am recommending it to all people as you won't question itself after enjoying this one and a half an hour only film which is suitable for all portions of ages whether young or old.The graphics was cool too and it rocked in the 3D technology.The overseas collection will be the backbone for this picture which was made by a hundred million investment by the producers which will be hard to get back as guardians of Galaxy is the show stopper as of now.


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