Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Guy Attacked By White Tiger In Mumbai

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It was one of the shocking news i had heard in the recent past.Yes it did happened in India and it was in the national zoo in the region.A white tiger brutally attacked a twenty year old guy in its arena while he somehow slipped down from the fence.But don't judge fast as you must know all the facts about it.It was not his mistake as he was accidently dropped down and later things went wrong.

I felt so bad and disturbed when this popped up on my Facebook stream on yesterday evening as i imagined such a close encounter with a huge tiger which is frightening.the sad part is that he could have been saved if the zoo authorities acted upon time and fast.They don't even had any requirements to take down the tiger.

Young Boy Faced Tiger Attack

When we researched in detail and watched the video we came to know that the guy was safe in the ground for almost ten minutes and could have been saved if they acted on time.The tiger was calm and sat near him while the people outside throw stones and made huge noise to distract the wild animal which provoked it actually and made it go wild.

If the authorities acted brave and responsible in that ten minutes a life could have been saved.Its such a shame that even in a national park there is no such safety precautions to keep the people safe.The government should act fast and must take measures at least from now and should learn lessons from this incident.

Precautions And Instructions Should Be Guided

We hope that this incident will open the eyes of all those who are careless about wild animals and those authorities who failed to save life of that person in danger.Lets all do our best to tell this to our friends and inform them about to be cautious on such situations.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Happy Onam Facebook And Whatsapp Status Quotes

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Happy Onam Facebook Whatsapp Status : Hey celebrate this onam with all of these special Happy Onam Facebook and Whatsapp Status greetings for you could use as you like and do mention us if you would like to do.It doesn't matter if you don't wanna give credits to us.As we are on the day itself let me make it clear to all those guys who aren't familiar with this day that it is a day which is celebrated by Malayalees of Kerala state.

It is on the seventh day of September that we observe for this year while its upon the Malayalam calender that we decide the day.And Ona Pookalam decorated with flowers and the special lunch with lots of dishes and Payasams with many traditional programs are the speciality of this event and to greet each other are the Happy Onam Whatsapp Status that i shared here which can also be included in letters and all.

Happy Onam Facebook Status List

Happy Onam Wallpapers

And an interesting fact about this fest is that even though its according to the Hindu belief in Kerala people from all religions and communities observes it an that's the secular spirit of the state which is role model for any region.

  • haI FRIENDS ..
    Onam Varavayi
    !!! HAPPY ONAM !!!

  • Memories of moments celebratd together.
    Moments dat have been attached in my heart,
    4ever. Make me Miss U even more dis ONAM.
    Hope dis ONAM brings in Good Fortune &
    Abounding Happiness 4 U! 

  • Athm Muthal Thiruvonam Vare
    Thumbapovine Knikandunarnu Maveliye
    Varavelkan Aarpuviliyumayi,
    Thoosanilayil Thumbachorum,
    Oonjalum Kondum Vindum Oru Ponnonam.

  • chingamasathile oroe cherupunjiriyilum onanarunilavu theliyumbol Aaghoshathindeyum,Samrudeyudeyum,Sandhoshathindeyum Orayiram “THIRUVONASHAMSAKAL” nernnukondu manasamthrpthiyode Njanum Onamunnam pokunu…..

  • Nilavilakinte Parishudhiyum,
    Tumbapoovinte Nairmalyavumai,
    Varunna Ponnin Chinga Masathile
    Ponnonatte Varavelkan
    Niranja Snehathode Ende ONAM Ashamsagal.

  • You would be my picture!
    If I was a poet,
    You would be my inspiration!
    If I was an author you would be my story!
    But I’ m only a cartoonist!
    Keep Laughing!

Onam Whatsapp Facebook Status Quotes

That's all guys as i wanted to help you people i shared all those better stuff i had in my collection so i hope they will be very useful, and if you wanna share all those Happy Onam Facebook And Whatsapp Status do it and it will be a promotion for me in free and i will appreciate that dear friends and see you soon with a new post.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Its Time To Say No To Harthals

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Yes i really do think so, its finally time for us to stand up and say no to Harthals which are old fashioned protest which is not effective but deffective in these days to us the common people.I am saying this because here in Kerala today we are facing it after a man was attacked yesterday by some party workers due to political enemity and guess who suffers from all these the common man.Such strikes or things won't erase what has happened.

Atleast from now politicians must put a full stop to these violence and do something useful for the voters who always hope for the best when they are at the polling booth.The main issue is that a loss in crores is happening for the state and people suffers a lot, especially those who do business for a living.Petrol pumps won't open so we can't even think about a ride even if its an emergency.And active protesters will be there in the street.

Say No To Harthals From Now

I demand it like any one of you to impliment such a difference in our country for the well being of people instead of goons of politics.Don't you think that we must also stand against it i know many of you are willing but are a bit afraid, you must outstand such thoughts and move forward like the martyr's who fought for our Independence.Lets do something good for our nation which will benefit masses who are the upcoming generation.

The shame is that such things will only lead to much more protests and conflicts between parties and will have no end at all.I recommend its better we stay with logics than strong blind fold thoughts.We better don't wait too much or else the worse stuff will always be rewarded to us.A damn man i am done with this lemme take a break.

No Harthals Is good For Us

I had opened my mind and shared what i feel about this disgusting and dramatic situation and i hope atleast a little of these audience will get the meaning and will we will have good news as soon as possible from what i think lets wait and see.And that's all i am signing of man.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

My Tree Challenge Is Better Than Ice Bucket Challenge

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Yup you heard it right My tree challenge is a new idea which lighted up with the easysoft ceo Abdul Manaf who shared it with the Megastar Mammootty who made it live and possible and now its trending statewide and lots of positive feedback is flowing which shows how great the idea was.The support from the fans of the Megastar is also a remarkable point which helps this nature friendly campaign gain more and more reach.

The recent update is that Mammootty has challenged other film industry kings too which will make it go viral globally from Mollywood to Bollywood, Tollywood, Sandalwood and from there to the Hollywood as we could understand from the 50000+ fans on Facebook which is from a span of just three days. Vijay and Surya from tollywood and King Shah Rukh Khan from bollywood are the first nominates whom are expected to accept and challenge others.

My Tree Challenge Getting Viral

The way is to plant a sapling and challenge around three people who could be a friend or relative of yours and the good thing is that it is not a social media show off like most guys do in the ALS Ice bucket case because here a tree is planted and watered which cannot be faked by anyone and this is a must and very good thing while we compare with our environment's present situation.

It was first in Pollachi that Mammookka planted the first one and now all are hoping to see a very viral campaign going on and all kinds of political and non political organisations and communities will show support and keep motivating and overtaking this and encourage others to do the same as it won't harm anyone and is very inexpensive.

My Tree Challenge Be A Nature Boy

My suggestion is that don't wait till someone comes to you as it only started with celebrities.You could plant one and challenge your friends which will flow like a chain and will reach more people.The same could be shared with the schools and colleges too, also write on your blog about it and help it get into others who haven't still heard from the media's or newspapers.And that's all buddies see you next time with something new.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Happy Independence Day 2014 Quotes, Wishes, Sayings

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Happy Independence Day 2014 Quotes, Wishes, Sayings : Don't you need the best ever happy Independence Day 2014 Quotes and Wishes i know you wants it with some sayings which are very beautiful and any Indian would love to share them with his or her brothers and sisters who are born to this land which is where we cherished our childhood and we have lot of memories and nostalgia about our land.

Now it is the sixty seventh year which we are gonna celebrate on fifteenth of this month as our Independence Day and we will raise our national flags and our cities and villages will look brightened with the three colored flag and the Ashok chakra.My Independence Day 2014 Greetings are for anyone who may also use it as forwarded kind of messages which are expected by dear ones on the right time.Now you don't have to browse the whole internet for these things.

Independence Day 2014 Quotes

Happy Independence Day India Wallpapers

How prepared are you people for day after tomorrow when the world's third most populated nation is going to march in the streets with its people with happiness and thankfulness and there must be letters you can write and words and speeches you could deliver.

  • Other might have forgotten,
    But never can I,
    The Flag of my country
    Furls very high,
    Happy Independence Day !

  • Today on the day of Independence we have to take oath

    That until we have last drop of blood in our body

    We will fight and protect our country from the curse of terrorism

    ~~! ~~ VANDEMATRAM~~! ~~

  • Happy B’DAY.
    Oh no, Happy NATIONAL Day.
    Oh i forget, Happy ANNIVERSARY.
    No i Was Wrong. Happy VICTORY DAY.
    Oh my god Happy NEW Year.

    oops its INDEPENDENCE DAY.

  • Today we are miles apart
    but I wanna reach across the miles
    and say I’m thinking of you
    in a very special way.
    Happy Day Of Independence.

  • Work like a Gujarati ;
    Eat like a Rajasthani ;
    Sing like a Bengali ;
    Dance like a Punjabi ;
    Smile like a Kashmiri ;
    Live life like a Goan ;
    And always cherish being an Indian!

  • Let’s Celebrate Freedom by Promoting a
    Human rights Culture in which
    respect, dignity and equality
    become a code for living.
    This will be our role to
    Live up to the dreams
    of 1947.

Happy Independence Day Wishes And Sayings

And i had played my role very well today.In the absence of the main author himself who is busy with a casual trip with his friends it was my duty to update to the subscribers and i hope you all are pleased with my Independence Day 2014 Quotes if you are do share them to the maximum and work, study and plan harder and live strong for the country.